Special Debate held at ASA

On Saturday the 29th of April 2018, there was debate held in ASA by the students on the motion ‘Religion tells more truth than Science’. The event was honoured by our own founder Mr Tom Illube and his wife Caron, Dame Zarine Kharas, June Forbes, Jasmine Clark, Professor Andrew and his wife Nneka.

We had both Emeralds and Citrines on one team both arguing for the motion and Rubies and Obsidians also on one team arguing against the motion. Before the debate the audience were very confident of their stand where we had majority against the motion. But at the end of the debate there was a decrease of those against the motion even though it was still the majority and others who were no more sure of their stand and torn between the two.

It was such an amazing event with so much convincing from both parties but there had to be a winner which were obsidians and rubies. Two students Claris Oyonga and Adwoa Konadu were awarded the best debaters for the day for their outstanding performance.

The event ended with some presentations by our honourable guests.

I throw the debate back at you; Religion tells more truth than Science. I am strongly for the motion with my points burning to be shared. What is your stand?


Blog post written by ASA student Wendy Essuman (4th May 2018)