ASA Staff Orientation and Training

The academic year began with mixed feelings and expectations as the school received an entirely new cohort of students as well as new staff members who are enthusiastic to embrace the ASA culture and ready to contribute their best quota to help achieve the school’s ultimate vision (Africa’s leading science and maths academy for girls). Meet the new staff;

Ann Fesu – Finance and Admin manager

The academic year started on 1st August with staff training and bonding.

These are some of the views from the staff;

Carlene and Beatrice – Hostel Guardians

”The sessions were lively and interactive, with moments of good humour. Everyone was teeming with enthusiasm. It was a great start to a great year in a great school. I look forward to working with a wonderful team and students who are zealous to change Africa. And I am really excited about my ripples project and I hope it would add to the wonderful profile of ASA.” – Hubert Agamasu

”Generally my first week was awesome and the training session was very informative and entertaining as well. Mrs Adabie paired us up and she asked us to interview each other for few minutes and each person was asked to tell the group what they had learnt about their partner. This exercise was fun and also we got to know each other better. We then learnt about ASA’s history, present and future. Mrs Adabie also shared nice quotes throughout her presentations and she picked one person in the group to read. I felt it was a good technique to keep us awake and active. Anabella took us through an exercise where we were put into 2 groups, we passed a paper around with each person writing down a

Hubert Agamasu – Physics Teacher

problem they would face in their positon. After, we categorized them under staff, administration, students and external. We ended this exercise knowing which group encountered the most problems and how they could be solved. Ann Fesu also organised charades with very impossible things to act out. For instance Mrs Adabie had to act out Health and Safety. It was really fun and we laughed a lot. I am happy to be part of the ASA team.” – Carlene Addico

”Orientation was very insightful, even though I had already started work, I learned a lot from the head teacher about the vision of the school and where we would like to see ASA in the future.It was also a great period for team bonding; as most of us were new and unfamiliar with ourselves. We hit off quite well and the moderators made sure to shuffle the teams for different exercises. We also needed everyone to understand and learn about the school policies in order to keep smooth the running of the workplace; and taking everyone through them together with Anabella helped me to know them better while noting down scenarios and suggestions for improvement.” – Ann Fesu

”My first week was great at ASA… From the welcoming, which was the first day through the one week training was great. I had a great time. Got the chance to learn new things and got much more ideas on how my work was going to be when the girls arrive. The old staff took their time to teach me what to know not about only the girls but about ASA as a whole. My headmistress, one wonderful woman who always inspire you. I spent great time with the whole staff of ASA. A family I know we always have our backs.. long live ASA, long live our staff.” – Beatrice Nana Yaa Agyeiwaa

”The 2018/2019 staff training was a mixed feeling for me as I formally started working with the New ASA Team. With this being my third staff training in ASA, there was something very interesting and mind-blowing about this year’s training and thus, this year, unlike the previous years, some Staff members were the resource personnel and this to me showed how far we had come as a school. The training gave me an opportunity to plan for the academic year and my contributions towards achieving our vision. I also had a thorough self-assessment, looking at my personal life’ which can affect my work output in one way or the other.” – Levina Ansong Owusu


Blogpost written by ASA staff members