ASA at PSGN Awards Night

On Friday the 16th of November, four of ASA staff members attended the PSGN Awards held at the College of Physicians and Surgeons. We left the school around 4:30pm and arrived at the venue at 5:30pm. There was enough time to network and take pictures before settling down for the ceremony. We were honoured to have His Excellency Ian Walker and other prominent people in our midst. 

The host, Bernard Avle  was very humorous and eloquent. The ceremony started on a high note with a performance by students from British Columbia College who graced us with amazing singing. Soon after the performance, the MC gave the welcome remarks. After the introductions, Mr Rutt gave a very precise welcome address followed by a speech from His Excellency Ian Walker, the British High Commissioner to Ghana.

There was another performance by East Airport International School; a drama about Caesar coming back to earth in order to change things around, when he got down he actually realised things were not as bad as he thought. They finished off their performance with a choreography and a song. Then came another speech from Mrs Efua Asiedu, the West Africa Manager of Cambridge Assessment International Education. After this, there was another performance by DPS International School.

Time for presentation of awards came and the first category was for best teachers. One of the recipients of the award was our very own Levina Owusu. She received a Teacher Certificate of Recognition. The look on her face showed that she was surprised but she truly deserved the award. To keep people engaged in the program another performance came from the British Columbia College. It was now time for students awards; the first category was IGCSE followed by O level and lastly A level. I must say it was really competitive and almost all the award winners won just by one mark. Awards were given for best student in a particular subject and there were recognitions for people who got A*s as well as best overall student for each level.

It was thrilling to find out that six of our students were recognized for excelling in Mathematics . For Mathematics there was one winner and six recognitions and all six recognitions were for African Science Academy. ASA was the only school which had the highest number of recognitions. I remember words by the host “…you are from Tema Community 6 and 6 of your students got recognitions. What is your recipe?” As we all know Levina the maths teacher got an award too so why wouldn’t her students excel. Simply our recipe is Miss Levina and all the staff members who work relentlessly hard to achieve excellent results. The overall student for the year was Leo Owusu who had 4A*s in his A level.

After each category there would be performances by various artists people. Some of the people who performed were Manifest ,a rapper, Samuel a rapper as well and traditional dance performances by various schools. The ceremony ended at 21:15 pm and there was refreshment. We kicked off from the place at 21:30 pm to our various places. 

I would like to thank the Lord Almighty for making this day a success and also for guiding the ASA alumni through their studies and for the good results. I hope that the ASA flag keeps rising higher and higher each academic year therefore I wish the next cohort the best in their studies!


Blog written by Mavis Kazuru