AGF Academy Kampala Jan 2011

On the 7th of January, 2011 twenty five young people from across Africa met on the 6th floor of the Computing & Information Technology building at Makerere University for the first ever Academy of the African Gifted Foundation.

Here is the story of one day in the life of the 2011 African Gifted Academy.

This particular day was led by Nick Motson, Lecturer in Finance at Cass Business School, London.

Having covered the international financial system and the time value of money the previous day, Nick introduced the students to fundamental analysis & valuation, and momentum & trend following.

The students regularly broke into groups for discussion. In addition to Nick, university students were at hand to help clarify issues.

The group on the right is being helped by Marvin Ntege, a Ugandan studying engineering at Warwick University.

Another group, led by Harriet Kamashanyu, an undergraduate at Makerere University.

After lunch, the students tried their hand at an online trading simulation.

Faizal, a Ugandan, gives advice to his Nigerian partner Soala.

Nick presents prizes for the most successful traders.

After supper we were visited by Harold Wanyama, the East African Chess Champion.

Harold played all twenty five students simultaneously, before giving them tips on how they could improve their game.