Fun in the Dark

ASA students watch the solar eclipse above Ghana. 

Idsc_0373-2t’s always good to appreciate nature, no matter how abnormal things may seem.

On the 1st of September 2016, the whole of the African Science Academy (ASA) watched nature display itself in an awkward way. Although we are already aware of these happenings, every time we have the chance to experience them, we are amazed.

Everybody, including the student body and the staff, was ready at exactly 7:00am that morning. Almost everyone had their eclipse glasses on. Whilst waiting to experience the annular eclipse, we took pictures of ourselves in our eclipse glasses. It was so exciting, but as time went by and there were no signs of an eclipse, some of us became a little pessimistic and began to doubt.

Suddenly, at around 7:35am we saw something funny in the sky. After all, it was not a false prediction. Overexcitement took over as everybody took more pictures of the sky and observed the eclipse using our glasses.

Students at the African Science Academy wish to thank all our sponsors and everyone who helped provide us with the eclipse glasses we used – we are really grateful to you all.

It’s our prayer that the next time we experience an eclipse, we will all still be in good shape for another fun experience.

Long live ASA, long live Ghana and long live Africa.


Written by Mercy Appiah, September 2016