ASA Speaker Series: Kweku and Mel Abraham

In September 2016, Physics and Maths graduates from Cambridge and Manchester Universities (UK) spoke to ASA students.

We had no idea that two fascinating people would be visiting us. Recently, ASA family had an incredible careers session with Kweku and Mel Abraham. Kweku is currently pursuing a PhD in Mathematics at the University of Cambridge. Mel has graduated from the University of Manchester with a degree in Physics.

These individuals, full of knowledge, shared their university experience with the students. We learned about careers involving Math and Physics. We solved maths-based logic puzzles together. The session was mind-blowing and very fun.

Lots of questions were asked, both academic and non-academic. At the end we learned that they were actually siblings! The African Science Academy was very pleased with our guest speakers. We hope to continue having our career sessions with incredible people like them.

dsc_0581 dsc_0587

Written by Mercy Appiah, September 2016.