Celebrating International Women’s Day 2017

To mark international women’s day our ASA students took part in two events. Below Edith Osei and Mercy Serwaa reflect on the day:

‘On the 8th of March 2017, a day which is celebrated worldwide as the International Women’s Day, 12 students from ASA were invited to grace the occasion of women’s day organized by the African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF).This opportunity got ASA students to meet renowned feminists from Ghana and beyond. Some of which included Prof. Mercy Oduyoye (Retired Theologian), Dr. Angela Dwamena Aboagye (Lawyer and founder of the Ark Foundation), Ms. Roslyn Mould ( President, Humanist Association of Ghana), Ms. Kauthar Khamis (Asst. Lecturer, Islamic University) and Nana Akosua Hanson (Feminist writer, Actress and Radio presenter), who were panelists and moderator respectively for the theme for discussion “Faith, Feminisms and Fundamentalisms”. They talked about fundamentalism being a form of religion that upholds beliefs in the strict and literal interpretation of scripture mostly in Christianity and Islam. We also learnt from Prof. Mercy that Jesus loved feminists because his mother taught him to. He firstly revealed himself to a woman and he brought women out of the kitchen (story of Mary and Martha). ASA girls had a great evening getting to tell people about the school and to know more about AWDF and other people who were present. On our way back to school after the event, we had our own discussion. Listening to each student it became clear that attending the event had been very helpful, interesting and we had really learnt something new.’ – Edith Osei

‘World women’s day celebration at the Australian high commissioner’s residence was very interesting and educative. Being invited to the program was an honour to the ASA students who attended. Four of our prefects were the selected ones to attend the program; the head girl, academic prefect, publicity prefect and me, prefect for media & communications. 

We arrived early and from the way preparations were going, we anticipated a successful program. Time managed to pass by and we were thrilled to meet the other invited guests. We met students from various high schools and tertiary institutions in Ghana. Renowned women of great influence were present to share their knowledge.

The discussion session that spanned the major part of the program was unforgettable. Each table had a mentor, women of experience and knowledge who led the discussions on topics of interest. The mentors included the Electoral Commissioner of Ghana, Deputy Minister of Aviation in Ghana, Regional Representative for Camfed West Africa and a whole lot of inspiring personalities. We just could not expect more from the program.

4 ASA students with Charlotte Osei, EC in Ghana

We say big ups to the Australian, British and Canadian high commissioners for putting together such a memorable program. ‘ – Mercy Serwaa