Thank you to our visiting teachers: Ian and Marcin

It is said that “the greatest gift you can give someone is your time”, because when you give your time, you are giving a portion of your life that you will never get back and that is what Marcin and Ian gave ASA; we can never repay them. Marcin from St. Paul’s Girls School spent two weeks with us and Ian from the National College for Digital Skills: ADA, spent a week at ASA, both giving up their own Easter holidays to come to Ghana and support ASA.
We must say it was a very intense and fruitful time together. Students received a different perspective of teaching and learning as these two teachers originate from different backgrounds. They shared their expertise with students, answering endless questions and helping students out with different approach to Physics and Mathematics. Indeed this is what great teachers do everyday. You opened up your hearts and provided guidance, knowledge, enthusiasm and expertise.
Marcin enjoying Omotuo
Marcin kicked off his first day at the school with a game based learning, encouraging interaction and teamwork, and lets not forget his amazing sense of humour. During his introduction he said he is originally from eastern Europe and asked the students to guess which country. He said “I am equally not good at geography. I find it hard to tell east and west and I’m old, but you girls are young so you should know this stuff.”
Marcin in class
Marcin worked closely with Sir Chris the Physic teacher, sharing ideas about the mode of teaching, comparing Ghana and England and how to blend these varying modes to make the girls more productive.
Ian first out of class activity on polar curves
Ian joined the following week also kicking off with out-of-classroom activities on polar coordinates. Focusing greatly on student perspective; this increased the student-teacher feedback both verbally and non verbally. He often made this statement to the students and I quote “there is no royal road to geometry” . This was to reiterate what their teachers have been telling them to always have, confidence in their mathematics solutions as there are different approaches of solving a problem correctly.
Ian cooperated very well with the host Maths teacher, Miss Levina Ansong to assist the students to solve their most challenging questions in Pure Maths and Further Maths individually. They guided the students by asking them leading questions.
Ian playing the game ‘oware’
This is what great teachers do. Marcin and Ian ASA students and staff are very grateful for your time spent with us. We wish we could keep you here in Ghana knowing very well that you both would have loved to stay longer but you can’t. Thanks for visiting us, we would love to see you back here soon.
Thanks for visiting us, we would love to see you back here soon.

Written By: Grace, ASA progression mentor