ASA alumna Ramlah speaks about her first few weeks at Edinburgh University, UK

I found myself at Bole International airport less than four hours after receiving my VISA. I had been imagining this moment for the past year, but it never occurred to me that it would turn out this way (to travel a few hours after getting my VISA, NO WAY!!). Still I was too ecstatic that things worked out to be bothered by it. After 13 hours of flight I arrived at Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

Ramlah at ASA graduation

My time in Edinburgh has been exceptional. With the help of my fellow scholars and the MasterCard Foundation team I have been able to settle in well. During the first few weeks here I have been able to realise that I need to manage my time well if I want to succeed at University. For now, I am only involved in a few societies as I am getting used to the system, but I am planning to get more involved in the coming years.

I wish all my juniors at ASA the best of luck in their A-LEVEL and College applications and I hope to meet some of you next year at The University of Edinburgh.


Ramlah Hassan Abeaw graduated from ASA in June 2017, as part of the first cohort. She was one of three students to be admitted to Edinburgh University on the Mastercard scholarship. Ramlah is originally from Ethiopia.