Claris Nadini Oyunga, a current ASA student from Kenya, reports on her Christmas Holidays spent with a Host Family in Ghana:


My holiday started off with an internship at Challenge Bookshop Enterprise. I enjoyed the daily long drive to and from work with the crazy traffic in Accra. The internship helped me build my socialization skills, since I was helping at the reception desk. I had to know how to deal with different people even if sometimes they could not understand when I talk, as they used to say, “Like a Kenyan,”.

We then travelled to Ho which is in the Volta Region of Ghana. I enjoyed my stay with the relatives of my host family. While at Ho, we went to climb Mount Afajato which is the tallest mountain in Ghana. The hike was not hard for me since the height of the mountain could not compare to the height of the mountains I had hiked in Kenya.


We then went for swimming at Volta Serene Hotel where I was taught how to swim. Even if I drunk a bucket of water and got bruised by the time I was out of the water, the whole experience was fantastic.

I then came back to Accra after one week. All this time I was enjoying Kenya food such as Ugali, Nyama Choma, Sukumawiki(Kales), Kenyan Tea for Breakfast and Chapati. I was able to talk on the phone with other Kenyans who were friends to my host parents. I am happy that they were able to understand me and it got to the extent that my host family, who happened to have lived in Kenya for some time, tried to speak like Kenyans to me. You can imagine how I felt.

We then went for a movie at Accra Mall where we watched ‘Justice League.’ The movie was interesting and apart from entertaining me, it helped me understand some of the things that happen in society and how different people have different definitions for different things.

My whole holiday was blessed and I am grateful for the host family I was living with who were more than supportive. There was no time that I felt lonely or not part of the family. Though I missed my own Kenyan family at some point, I still felt like I am in my family. They “Brought Kenya to Ghana” for me, which was more that I could ask from a host family.


I say in Kiswahili, ASANTI SANA NA MUNGU AKUBARIKI’ and the translation is, ‘THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND




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