ASA SRC Events

The SRC events at African Science Academy started on the 16th of February. The students had their sports competitions and they played Rounders and Football on Friday. The teams that competed during the first match were Ruby and Emerald. Ruby lost to Emerald and the match ended at a score of one- nil. In the second football match, Citrine played Obsidian. In this match , Citrine lost to Obsidian with a score of One –zero. The next final match that we had was between the two Champions, Obsidian and Ruby. Our champions of the day ,as far as football is concerned were the Obsidians!

The winners of the rounders matches were the Ruby. We would also like to recognize Citrine which managed to get to the finals of the rounders match.

These were the activities that we had on the first day of our SRC day. We would like to thank the staff at African Science Academy who were present and also those  absent, but helped to make our SRC day a success.

On Saturday the 17th of February, we continued with our SRC day and we had many activities. The day started with the cooking competition which kicked off at 8.30 am. The four teams at African Science Academy, Citrine, Ruby, Emerald and Obsidian was represented by two candidates from the teams who were to cook an Omelet. The winners came from Emerald and Citrine.

The day then continued with series of activities. We started with the lime run, which was won by the Emerald team. After the lime run, the students had an activity called ‘cover me and let me see’ which needed one member of the teams to be blindfolded to pick certain balloons. The winner was a member from Ruby, Aisha Akinola, who had picked more balloons than all the other team representatives.

The next activity that we had was “fill the bottle“, which had two winners, Emerald and Citrine who had a tie. Tug of war followed after this activity. The winners of this activity were the Citrine members who had a “strong manpower” as suggested by the other teams who lost to Citrine. The sack race was won by Emerald.

After a long break, we had the treasure hunt which was organized by our progression tutor who was the head girl of the 2016/2017 first cohort, Ibukun Aribilola .The students really took time to find the treasure and the one who got the treasure first was Hallelujah Matthias after getting the last and most difficult clue which read “different colors, one people”, which she found after a long time of critical thinking – it was behind the Africa map!

Hallelujah Matthias, treasure hunt winner

Our SRC day ended on a very good note with the ‘African Science Academy Has Got Talent’ which was very interesting as we got to witness the diverse talents that students had to show case. Students were doing different performances such as singing, lip syncing, dancing and poem recitation. The performances were very competitive. The judges were the staff at African Science Academy.

The 3rd place was taken by Aisha Akinola, who really impressed the audience and the judges with her creativity in poetry and singing and who also came up with a new tune for the school.


The 2nd place out of the many students who were performing was taken by Melvina Conton and Adwoa Appiah, who were singing together and brought a very good harmony.


The most outstanding student for this event who took the first place was Nayi Alhassan who performed a very powerful and inspiring poem confidently which managed to make her the champion of the day.

The overall winners of the SRC day were EMERALD !!


Post written by our student Ayshar Maponga (Prefect for Extra-Curricular and Sports)