At African Science Academy, we are diverse in many aspects, including the food we eat. There is an interesting event that takes place every month and I think you would love to know more about it!

One Friday every month we get the chance to eat food from other countries and appreciate their culture. On this day we eat breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner from the country we are celebrating on that day. This is very interesting and the foods are superb. Some of the days we’ve had so far are Nigeria’s, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone and Ghanaians day. On these days the menu is chosen by a student from the country and we also learn more about why this food is eaten in their country, as well as, the culture and language, in a morning assembly and a flyer distributed on the dining hall tables.

Apart from the special days dedicated to a country, we also try to include a wide variety of the food into our weekly menu to reflect the diversity of our student body.

Most of the students have interesting things to tell you about the experience so far:

‘I like the fact that we all have the chance to taste the sumptuous meals of different African countries. An example is githeri from Kenya made from beans and maize.’

Rhoda Abugrago- Ghana

‘I enjoy having to explore different types of dishes from all over Africa, the banku, Ethiopian bread and so many more. My favourite day is Wednesday when we eat the Ugali and Sukuma wiki from Kenya.’

Melissa Penyai-Zimbabwe

‘The meals in the dining hall taste really delicious .I always enjoy my meals because every day comes with a different wonderful taste.’

Priscilla Paintsil- Ghana

‘I appreciate the diversity that is shown not only in who we are but also in our menu too. I have come to love so many Ghanaian foods that I initially found it challenging to eat. My best main meal is a Ghanaian dish called ‘Omotuo’ and for snack I enjoy ‘Kelewele’.’

Claris Nadini – Nairobi Kenya.

‘I love that we are trying different county’s foods and also that you are considerate for the internationals that there is always an alternative. The food is YUMMY!! Thank you.’

Iman Abubakar – Ethiopia

‘I appreciate the effort made by the school to provide us with well balanced meals. I get the opportunity to eat my favourite food ‘red red’ every week. I am also happy to have tried new foods such as ’Eba’ from Nigeria, ‘eto’ from Ghana, fetira from Ethiopia, and my favourite from Kenya,Ugali with Sikuma Wiki. Thanks for the wonderful food.’

Nayi Alhasan- Tamale Ghana

‘I love that we get to taste food from all the countries represented by our students and I cannot wait for Germany day coming soon! However, something else I am very proud of as Eco patron, is that we have actually grown and eaten our own lettuce!!’

Helen Denyer – Germany

ASA has a lot to offer, do not forget that :

blog post written by our student Vera Bordah.

Catering at ASA is provided by Jollofpot and we are very grateful for all their hard work!