International Women’s Day at Tullow Ghana

On International Women’s day (8th of March, 2018), the Emeralds (a group of 6 ASA students) had the opportunity to spend the day with Tullow Ghana Limited. We set off at 7:15am in a Tullow bus and it took about 30 minutes to get there. Upon our arrival, we were welcomed warmly by the receptionists and had a sumptuous breakfast after some time. The place was as cold as ice and very comfortable and Miss Linda Owusu was assigned to us for the day. We had a one day experience which impacted us so much. We got to witness speeches from the chief justice, Her Ladyship Sofia Akuffo, and Mrs Gertrude, who is a professional judiciary at the High Court during the International Women’s Day which was held at the canteen on the ground floor. Mrs Gertrude emphasised on the fact that leadership has nothing to do with gender but rather the identity, competence, integrity, equity and core values of an individual irrespective of their gender. She also spoke of how to balance work with family by negotiating with your husband. Her ladyship spoke about education and how it can translate into equality in the society. She spoke about individual rights and group rights and how
the two when linked together would promote equality. She ended with a quote that “If you do not say I am”, no one would say “Thou art”.

Having heard from these inspiring women, we had a mini tour around the company. We took a lift to the fourth floor and meet the emergency team at the Health and Service Department; Mr Peter and Mr Edwin who briefed us on safety measures and how to exit when there is an emergency. From there, we went to the Afrifa hall to have a practice of our presentation and had an interaction with Miss Korkor who is the Environmental personnel. We had lunch at 12: 30 and after lunch; we had a conference call in the Edina Hall with Mr Sebastian who is a biomedical engineer at Tullow, Takoradi. He told us about a project he is working on to test how the oil being drilled at the rig can affect the species in the sea and humans at large. We had sessions with some of the employees in Tullow starting with Mrs Diana who was a lawyer but is in the government Affairs Department and also the Communication Manager at Tullow. Mr Edmond, a chemical engineer who told us about the process of drilling oil and many more. We learnt that sound waves are shot at the sea bed which is about five thousand kilometres from the sea level to detect the presence of oil.

When oil is detected, wells are dug and a reservoir with pressure having a tube is dipped into to transport the oil into the Floating Production Storage Offload (FPSO) for temporal storage. The oil is stabilized and the water and gas is replaced into the reservoir. In addition, Mrs Karen who is a software engineer also spent some time with us.

Immediately after these, there was a debate at the canteen on the theme “The Glass Ceiling No Longer Exist” and the debating teams were the Smashers and the Vanguards. The glass ceiling was described as the limitation that prevented females from having high ranks. Right from the onset, I sided with the Vanguards because the glass ceiling is still there but it needs to be broken and it can be done by gathering forces to do so. The forces include women empowerment, gender equality and many others. A trophy was handed over to the vanguards for their placing first. We had snack and had a talk with Mr Kwasi Boateng who is the Social Performance and Public Affairs Manager who gave more details of the oil drilling process and many others. We had our journey back to school, and safely, we arrived.




Written by our current student:  Elizabeth Fio.