My Christmas Holidays in Ghana

    Getting to meet new people and interacting with them has always been fun for me but the fear of fitting in or been accepted has never left my mind. Coming to ASA I thought my stay or break was going to be boring since it was going to be the first time away from family and home. This was because I thought I could only have fun with my family forgetting that family is not necessarily blood relations. I was wrong because even though I missed home sometimes my stay so far has been a memorable and enjoyable one.

    Christmas is always a time for one to reunite and share love with family and friends. It does not matter where you spend it but the people you spend it with. My holiday started from the day we started preparing for our Christmas party and within that time it was all fun for me. ASA made me feel the joy of Christmas starting from the time we got into the month of December right up to the day of our Christmas party. It was a great experience for me personally as I got to meet some of the ASA alumnae from the first and second cohort. During the party, I got to really experience the diversity of ASA as I even learnt how to do the Ethiopian traditional dance. I enjoyed every bit of the performances especially the performance of the ASA staff. The party was over and it was time for us to vacate and go home, and for me I was going to a Ghanaian host family.

    The day my host parents came for me at school, they did not even treat me as a visitor but rather like their daughter. They took me to meet some of the external family that same day and when we got home, to my greatest surprise there was a welcome event for me. The next day was a Sunday and we all went to church after which we went to meet some other family members. I was accepted and treated like a daughter; my host family was there to listen to me when I had problems and comfort me when I needed it.

    During my holiday, I was taken to the Accra mall, Palace Mall and some nice places in Accra. I was so excited to have gone to these places especially the mall mainly because that was the first time I had been to a mall. Some of the best experiences was being taught how to speak ‘twi’ by the grandmas of the house, eating some of the Ghanaian food I could not eat like fufu with light soup, yam with garden egg stew and Hausa koko. The best was fufu and light soup not because I enjoyed eating it but because I also learnt how to pound fufu.

    One thing I learnt during the break was that the people you spend it with matter more than the place. My host parents did not even know me but my stay with them was so memorable; they gave me gifts like money for hair braiding, a pair of shoes and a dress for new year. The best gift of all was the new name they gave me; Jennifer.

   This awesome experience wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for ASA. So, I say thank you ASA!


Blog written by Eleanor Wepngong