Ramadan in ASA; fasting during the final exam.

Fasting is part of the seven pillars of Islam which Muslims must follow. During this time Muslims fast for self-control, to gain a better understanding of Allah’s gifts and for compassion towards the deprived. This is not the first time I am fasting in a school but it is the first time I’m fasting during my final Exams. The main difference between fasting here in ASA and back at my Senior High school apart from not working much is the concern the staff members give us. Before we started fasting they made sure everything was ready for us and when we started, they kept on checking on us. This show of concern and love really touched me.

Fasting during my final exams is a new experience for me and I don’t find it all that difficult only tiring. During Ramadan, we have additional prayers to recite and this takes time. I wake up at 4am to start fasting and finish by 4:30am. I then take my bath, pray and the rest of the time till 6:30 I go to the class and library to learn. Also ASA granted the Muslims permission to stay in the classroom when it’s time to eat. This helps us make up for the time we use to pray. The teachers have also made time in their schedules for us to have time to pray so that we do not miss classes. We have written almost all of our papers and writing them was ok even though I was fasting. I was afraid of how I will write a three hour paper while fasting because we are mostly advised to send in water to help us through the paper but Allah was there for me and I wrote the papers without any difficulty.

The fasting is coming to an end and it was one of my best fasting times. This is because of the concern of the staff and the measures they put in place to make us feel comfortable and at home .The experience was akin to the one I have at home and I want to say thank you to the ASA family  for being there.


Blogpost written by Shedika Hassan