African Science Academy

_DSF2620The African Science Academy (ASA) is a new, girls-only Advanced Level school for maths and science. Opened in August 2016 on the outskirts of Accra, Ghana, ASA is a “sixth-form” college leading to globally respected Cambridge International A Levels.

ASA is a boarding school for young women with outstanding maths and science potential. We select academically gifted students with a passion for maths and science. Students apply from across Africa and are admitted after their senior secondary education in preparation for progression to the best universities in Africa and around the world. ASA is a pathway to undergraduate study and future careers in Engineering, Science, Computing and more. Means-tested scholarships and bursaries are available to all students.

DSCF2638The school’s vision is to be the leading school in Africa for gifted young scientists. The many nationalities which make up the ASA community leads to a rich and diverse cultural atmosphere, where maths, science and technology are delivered to young women in an inclusive environment.

We were recently featured on CNN Africa. Here is a clip:

Inside-africa-opening-new-doors-to-stem-for-women-a cnn

Ghana’s African Science Academy seeks to break barriers by opening a school for talented young women

Please find more details in our prospectus here.

To apply to ASA, see our Admissions page.