How will this be delivered?


200 gifted African students have attended African Gifted Foundation (AGF) annual academy sessions over the past four years. We were so inspired by their ability and potential that we have decided to create a permanent school for gifted young people from across Africa. The school aims to open in 2016 and will be a girls-only science and technology Academy, based near Accra, Ghana


The African Gifted Foundation (AGF) aims to provide an avenue for exceptionally gifted African young people to develop their potential while continuing to receive a rounded education in their schools at home. This integrated approach mirrors a model developed by Professor Deborah Eyre, a Trustee of the African Gifted Foundation and the founding Director of the UK government’s National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth programme. There are two elements to the provision of additional education for gifted young people: Academy Sessions and Online Learning.

Academy Sessions will bring young people from across Africa to a single location for a two week study school. These are designed to be life-changing experiences for the participants. Industry experts and academics will be invited to give presentations and workshops in areas which are unlikely to have been encountered by the gifted young people, but which foster their pre-existing enthusiasm and inspire them to explore interests which usually would not be part of their school work. Attendees will be resident at the partner University, sharing the experience with their intellectual peers from North, South, East and West Africa, widening both their personal network of contacts and their experience of a variety of African cultures.

The ongoing communication and learning process will be facilitated by participation in an Online Learning programme. Academy attendees will be invited to contribute to regular debates set in motion by the industry experts and academics who led the academy sessions. These will build on the topics which were introduced at the academies, as well as introducing new subject areas.

Academy sessions and online learning will focus on mathematics and computing.

African Gifted Foundation Membership

Young people are selected for membership of the African Gifted Foundation following a careful selection exercise, involving recommendation by their current school based on academic results, objective testing of recommended candidates in the areas of mathematics and reasoning skills and consideration of the candidates’ attitude and aspirations through a personal statement written by the young people. All these will be objectively evaluated by the African Gifted Foundation team in order to select those candidates most likely to benefit from membership in the long term.

African Gifted Foundation members will be balanced equally between girls and boys, with the typical age profile on joining being 14-18. In particular we will ensure that personal background and financial resources will not be a barrier to membership or attending the Academy sessions.

As young people graduate from the programme, they will remain lifelong members and form part of an ever growing and supportive network through their professional lives. African Gifted Foundation will actively encourage these alumni to participate in and develop the programme further.