Our Timescale

African Gifted Foundation’s first academy was held in January 2011 at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda. This involved twenty five gifted young people from three African countries, and guest tutors on various areas of mathematics and computing: from the world famous Bletchley Park, the birthplace of the modern computer; Cass Business School, one of Europe’s leading business schools set in the heart of the City of London; and international experts from the field of space exploration. For more information see the Academies section.

Online learning commenced soon after the first Academy Session and will run throughout the year.

The second academy session was held in January 2012, with an expanded intake of fifty gifted young people from at least six countries across the continent.

The third Academy was held in West Africa for the first time. It took place in Accra, Ghana, in August 2012 with 20 students from across Ghana and Nigeria.

Our fourth, and largest, Academy took place again in Accra, Ghana in August 2013 with 88 young people from Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, The Gambia, Kenya, South Africa, the UK and the USA.

Thereafter, we have decided to create a permanent school for gifted young people from across Africa. The school aims to open in 2016 and will be a girls-only science and technology Academy, based near Accra, Ghana.