Benefits of being an ASA student

If you become an ASA student, you will be exposed to many benefits. We have spoken to our alumni to collect their feedback on the benefits of attending ASA and these are the items, which have been highlighted:

1.)Stronger base for first year at University.

2.)Exposure to role models and mentors (especially in the Science field). Often these are black female Engineers – people who have been in your position before you.

3.) Better opportunities to monitor University applications.

4.) Opportunity to collaborate with other African students and work together to solve some of Africa’s most pressing problems.

5.) Support from excellent staff.

6.) Small classroom setting with exceptional attention from teachers and individual or small group tutoring.

7.) Peer- learning

8.) Opportunity to develop ethical leadership skills.

9.) Exposure to wide-variety of extra-curricular activities, including basic IT skills and robotics.

10.) Becoming part of the ASA family for life.