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What qualifications do I need in order to apply to African Science Academy?

You will need to have completed Senior Secondary School Certificate, iGCSEs, O-Levels or equivalent. Amongst the subjects studied at Secondary School, you must have studied Physics and Maths and have excellent predicted grades in these subjects.

How many places are there at ASA?      

We admit up to 24 students each academic year.

What age are ASA students? 

Students admitted to ASA are typically between 16-19 years old.

Can I apply if I already attended an A-Level school and have completed either my AS-levels or A-levels?

No, students cannot apply if they have already completed or started the A-Level programme.

Do I have to be fluent in English?

Yes. At ASA, English is used as the medium of instruction and exams will be sat in English. Students must be good at both written and spoken English.

When is the application deadline?

The regular application deadline is on 11th December 2019. If you apply by this date you have a higher chance of getting admission to ASA. However, you can still apply after this deadline until the 31st January 2020 – which is the late application deadline.

When will I hear from ASA about the status of my application?

We will get in contact with students about the status of their application by 1st March. We will contact students to let them know if they have made it to the next stage of the process and inform them of entrance exam arrangements. The entrance exam will take place in mid –March before your WASSCE exams. Interviews will be held after your WASSCE exams in May. We will also be organising home visits later in May in order to find out where you live and verify your scholarship information.

When will the final decision be made by ASA?

Students will be informed about our final decision in early June. We will also be organising an open day for the selected students in June.

Will ASA contact my current school? 

ASA will get in contact with your current school to verify your application.

Is ASA a fee paying school?

All our students are on scholarship for their period of stay with us.


Do you only offer A-level subjects?

The main assessments will be in the Maths, Further Maths and Physics A-Levels. However, we will also offer further awards and certificates for completing various extra-curricular activities.  A main focus at ASA is on computer programing, which we expect every ASA student to learn.

What does ASA expect from its students?

We expect all our students to work hard, take full advantage of all that the Academy has to offer and become active members within the school’s community.

School life:

When does the first semester start and how long is the academic program at ASA?

ASA students complete a one-year academic program. The first semester starts each academic year at the beginning of August, and students will complete their studies by the following June.

Can I live at home or do I have to board?

All students who attend ASA board. ASA offers an intense one-year programme: for this reason, we require all our students to live on campus during term-time. Alongside classes, ASA provides students with a range of after-school activities.

Can I go home on weekends? 

Students are expected to stay at school during term-time, including on the weekends, as extra-classes and activities may be organised on weekends. However, there will be a mid-semester break.

Can we use electronic gadgets while at the school?

At ASA each student is provided with a laptop, which they can use for academic work, research and University applications. Phones and other personal electronic gadgets apart from laptops may not be used during the week, but only on weekends.

Who will book my flight to Ghana?

You will be responsible for booking your own flight. However, we will give students suggested flight details and will guide you through the process if necessary.