Being at ASA has been an incredible experience. We do more than learning here; it is the combination of learning and acquiring new skills outside of our studies, like the art of public speaking. Back in high school, I didn’t think that going to university was for me. ASA has changed how I see things. I’ve learned that engineering comes in many forms; it is about innovation and invention. Engineering is a part of me. I now want to become an architect and an engineer.” (Mercy, Ghana, ASA Class of 2017)

ASA has been great because you meet people from all over Africa. I like the friendships here because everyone helps you. I used to prefer working alone but I’ve realised that you can only get through this course if you work in a group. You also cannot rely on your teachers telling you the answers directly. We are encouraged to ask questions and to think independently to gain a good understanding. I am glad to have come to ASA. In the future, I want to be an electrical engineer. I also want to start a mentoring and leadership training program back home.” (Rashidah, Uganda, ASA Class of 2017)