Welcome to the African Science Academy

My life has been transformed since the day I entered the African Science Academy. I know my way of thinking and my analysis of situations has improved enormously. Thanks to the training I have received from ASA, I now strive to make a difference wherever I go.

ASA student, 2016


The African Science Academy (ASA) opened in 2016 as Africa’s first and leading specialist science and maths secondary school for gifted girls in Africa.

We welcome students from across Africa to our school in Ghana for a life-changing one-year programme, alongside some of the greatest young minds the continent has to offer. If you are an ambitious young woman with a passion for maths and science, there is no better school for you to complete your secondary education before you progress on to a leading university.

Watch the African Science Academy promo video below:

**Best A-Level Maths and A-Level Further Maths student in Ghana awarded in November 2017 at British Council Partner Schools Global Network Awards.**

 Contact us: We are keen to hear from donors, schools and universities, volunteers and gifted young people.

To find out how you can support the school, partner with us and sponsor our students, contact yasameen.al-jboury@africangifted.org.

ASA is a member of HALI access network